Yatala Residents Alliance


Yatala Residents Alliance YRA is worried about Phoenix waste incinerator composting pollution toxic waste dioxins odour noise fungal spores aerosols fumes and a 30 meter high chimney.

A Blight on Our Skyline

The application to build the Phoenix biomass burner attempted to downplay key issues that will severely impact the local population. Of particular note is the chimney (and its fumes). This will be visible above the tree-line for many kilometers. The noxious output from the burner will foul the surrounding air. A 30m chimney is needed for ONE reason only - to dissipate and spread harmful fumes high into the sky. Unfortunately not only is the top of the chimney the same height as some houses in upper lying areas nearby but for the people who live and work in Yatala and Ormeau the prevailing winds will push the fumes across homes and offices (many which rely on rain water tanks) and the nature of the fumes, as evidenced by research into other biomass burners around the world, will cause long term health effects, with the elderly and young children the most vulnerable.