Yatala Residents Alliance


Yatala Residents Alliance YRA are extremely concerned about Phoenix's green-waste incinerator composting pollution toxic-waste dioxins odour noise fungal-spores aerosols fumes and a 30 meter high chimney being built in close proximity to houses, schools, child care centres and aged peoples homes.


Council gave up for LEGAL reasons

MONITORING will be in place

No HEALTH concerns to worry about

No NOISE issue

Low VISUAL impact

BEST PRACTICE to be followed

Phoenix Incinerator Gets Court Approval

What LEGAL reasons?

Who polices the MONITORING?

Serious HEALTH issues fallout

24/7 NOISE impact



Ultimately WHO is legally responsible if toxic composting continues to cause problems and intolerable smell and pollution of our neighbourhood cannot be stopped?

Would Phoenix be fined but left to continue operating?

Or would Phoenix be shut down?


core question answered  


News to Date

Division 1 Councillor and Deputy Mayor Donna Gates advised YRA members that copies of key questions (raised by YRA at a public meeting with Council) were forwarded to the relevant departments.

Click here to see the questions

Click here to see answers from DEHP (provided after a 25 week wait)

Email YRA if you feel you are not adequately protected by the conditions imposed on the development

Click here to see the court decision document

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