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Yatala.info is Yatala Residents Alliance (YRA) is a community voice surrounding community topics such as high impact industry zoning in the City Plan 2015 and noxious industries and biomass incinerators that will impact the lifestyle, health and environment of residents residing near commercsial developments in Yatala and Ormeau.


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Our General Charter of Action

YRA will continue to highlight the following issues:

1. The continued lack of respect for local residents' wellbeing by “special industries” that continue to pollute our air (despite legal action and continual complaints by our community) yet appear to be seldom prosecuted by authorities for major breaches of control orders.

2. Continuation of inappropriate amounts of dust emitted from quarries despite written promises and control orders in place.

3. Community members continue to have to be proactive and keep demanding policing of recalcitrant businesses (after the fact) with somewhat limited support from authorities.

4. The disgusting introduction of dirty business zones into the Yatal/Ormeau area AFTER housing estates have been established (and sanctioned by Council) with somewhat ineffective separation distances that will result in more complaints in the future.

5. Stanmore Road issues continue to plague residents as they wait for the final upgrade of the entire road.  Some areas are so dangerous with numerous accidents reported to authorities – a fatality is a sure thing one day!

Our community is not opposed to business per se but with over 30,000 residents living and working within 5kms of the Yatala industrial zone we believe we have every right to question noxious industrial development and the expansion of existing businesses where it can be shown that their expansions and activities will impact negatively on the lives and health of local residents and/or the visual amenity and environment.

Members of our community currently co-habit with a number of quarries and heavy industries and will continue to co-habit peacefully as long as these businesses act responsibly and obey the rules/regulations set by governments in their development applications. Whilst we accept that a small number of  businesses were here before the Council allowed residential development to occur, the vast majority of houses were here well before quarries and businesses were given permission to open up.

Our major issue is that Council and state goverments are actively encouraging noxious industry companies such as Phoenix Recyclers to build a toxic spewing green waste incinerator with its 30m chimney located within 2kms of schools, child care centres and retirement estates.  The impact on Yatala and Ormeau residents will be devastating because it will set a legal precedent for other similar noxious industries to establish in the area.