Yatala Residents Alliance


The Yatala Ormeau area, according to the draft City Plan 2015, is expected be the future home of noxious industry on the Gold Coast. Despite having a Special Industy zone designation which has a 1.5km exclusion/buffer area meaning that industries would be dissallowed because of space issues) Council and state government continue to argue that noxious industry has a place in Yatala Ormeau next to residential estates. The LNP government recently flagged that they will legislate to delete ALL separation distances anyway.

After acknowledging the harmful effects of second and third hand smoke emissions, our authorities have, over recent years, managed to ban smoking in workplaces and many outdoors areas used by the public.

We find it inconceiveable that our State Government would allow a situation to occur in this day and age where possibly as many as 300+ 15 metre and 30 metre long cigarettes, in the form of chimneys, will be able to locate in Yatala and Ormeau. It effectively means that people living in these and surrounding areas will be affected by the emissions from these chimneys and a large number of residences, being in an elevated position, will actually be at eye level to the smoke plumes from the biomass incinerator chimney and possibly many more future chimneys will be able to locate here as described in the State Government's, Medium/High/Special/ Industry definitions.

Tell our councilor this is totally unacceptable.

Email: division1@goldcoast.qld.gov.au