Complaints Line

Refer to the maps below - they will help you with location/wind direction

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Dust, Noise and Air Pollution

Please make your noise/odour/dust complaint on our Complaints Line.

We keep a summary of HOW MANY community complaints there have been - something that government has been very reluctant to do.

Make sure to correctly identify the WIND DIRECTION and INCIDENT ZONE where the incident occured (see maps below).

This chart shows what streets will be affected based on the prevailing wind direction. eg: wind from the South will have an impact on Turner Ave, and the wind from the East South East will affect Rivermount College. The arrows indicate the direction that the wind is traveling.

Despite hundreds of complaints over many years, offensive odours from existing local operators continue. Odour emissions from open air composting and green waste shredding can carry bio-aerosols which are dangerous to human health. Quarries in our area have also expanded over the years and so have their dust emissions as witnessed on our outdoor furniture and indoors. It seems that dust articles as small as PM 2.5 can escape from local quarries which is injurious to health, particularly if it contains high levels of silica and traces of asbestos.

Work out your location on this map. Eg: if you live in Taperoo Court your location would be H. Make sure to also enter the wind direction to help in finding the source of the pollution.

Pollution Hotline

1300 130 372