Yatala Residents Alliance


Yatala Residents Alliance is extremely concerned that the 2015 City Plan will encourage more noxious industries to establish next to residential estates. A bad precedent has already been set by Council not standing in the way of the Phoenix incinerator but instead negotiating more favourable conditions.

The deadline for submissions to the Council about the draft City Plan 2013 have closed. Read about the issues that will impact our community.

Special Industry Our local councilor, Donna Gates, has written to our community assuring them that the worst noxious industries (called Special Industry) will not be allowed to establish in Yatala/Ormeau (or the Gold Coast in general). Unfortunately YRA is unable find any reference to Special Industry in the City Plan. Check out YRA's response to Councilor Gate's "please explain" email.


Zone Maps Side by Side (map sent to state government for review in Nov 2013 against current draft map - note the changes)

Detailed Zone Map (Yatala and Ormeau)   

Interactive Map (identify your property)

Industry Zones (definitions and thresholds)

Issues Summary

     Noxious industry encouraged

     Inconsistent zonings/definitions

     Serious health issues fallout

     Visual pollution

     Noise pollution

     Cursory policing of bad practices

Sudden disappearance of quarry buffer zones       

2015 draft City Plan released

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