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Gold Coast City Council has made public its draft City Planning Scheme 2015 given to State Government for review. The Council is currently addressing state matters and will seek public comment from May till July. The YRA agitated long and hard for major changes to be made to protect the rights of local residents to live their lives without health concerns that result from growing noxious industries being allowed to establish nearby.     Read our recent petition.

Unfortunately as it currently stands the proposed plan in its current form makes for very disturbing reading. Download here.  The community now has time to prepare.

We urge you to let the Council know where the current plan is deficient:

  1. -the language is far too vague and the definitions are not specific enough

  2. -the maps appear to be incorrect and

  3. -despite our local councilor’s attempt to ban “Special Industries” it appears our community will be forced to suffer the fallout from the establishment of a “HIGH IMPACT Industy Zone” (visual pollution, stink, 24/7 operation, read more .....) just like we have had to endure impacts from existing “Medium Impact Industries”. Read what Mr Jeff Seeney (Deputy Premier) had to say.

Its time we all made an effort to respond to the proposed Plan and to make our displeasure known to Council. If the plan is implemented without comment the community will have to live with the horrific consequences for many years to come. We need EVERYONE to make the effort to read the plan and complain.

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Yatala.info is Yatala Residents Alliance (YRA) - a community voice surrounding topics which impact lifestyle, health and environment of residents residing near commercial and industrial developments in Yatala Enterprise Area.

Lax standards that apply to Environmentally Relevant Activities have the capacity to override Council’s new planning scheme.

The community is asking Council to lobby the State Government to urgently update legislation to ensure that Queensland laws are more in line with other states when it comes to pollution control.

Governments say they listen to the concerns of residents forced to suffer the consequences of noxious industry fallout. They tell us privately that mistakes have been made in the past. But when it comes to action will governments be prepared to actually do something?

“An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.”