enkelman farm in yatala is inappropriately zoned as “future industry” - unacceptable

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The Enkelman Farm should never have been designated as future industry. The Enkelman family were happy to bequeath their farmland to more appropriate recreational activities which the community would certainly prefer and gain many benefits from. Zoning the whole of this land as “future industry” is complete madness given the serious flooding that occurred only recently.

Below is an extract of a document sent to Councilor Gates (Division 1) and other Planning Scheme Review Committee representatives dated 29 May 2013 by a member of the Yatala Residents Alliance. The issues it raises are very serious but there is much disquiet about whether the document was ever seriously taken into account by the committee.

View supporting documents to gain an overview:

GCCC Planning Scheme Extract

Enkelman Farm Schematics

The Enkleman Farm, location as indicated in attached map 95432-311 Darlington (Storm Tide Inundation areas) and Darlington Town Plan zone map 9542-311(historic version current to 6/7/2000) appears to be zoned as Future Industry in error. YRA request that the Enkleman Farm land be rezoned back to its original rural zoning, or as a municipal recreation area with sports fields etc.

The photos of the flood in Yatala above were taken on the 28th of January 2013. Photos RIMG 1704 & 1705 show the flooded parkland at the back of properties at the end of Enkleman Road. Note that the storm tide inundation area (in aqua colour) shown in map 9542-311 should in fact be considerably larger to reflect the actual flooding shown in the photos. Photos RIMG 1706 & 1707 show the extent of flooding directly across the road from our property at 29-31 Enkleman Road. You will note that the flooding is much further up Enkleman Road than the map 9542-311 indicates in the aqua legend. We note that this map is dated Feb 2013 and appears to include climate change impacts to the year 2100. One would have to question its accuracy in making predictions that far into the future when it fails to correctly represent flooding which occurred only the previous month. If you view our marked up copy of the map attached, you will see from the red lines and arrows the locations of this flood as shown in the photos.

Photo RIM1697 shows the extent of flooding at the rear of properties numbers 42, 46 and 50 Enkleman Road. You will note the submerged fences being evidence that the flood waters in that area are over 1 metre in depth and that the map’s aqua legend does not extend to these properties.

Photo RIMG 1694 shows flooding at the rear of properties at numbers 34 and 40 Enkleman Road. The area in the photo is easily accessed from Enkleman Road in order to establish the water depth for a much needed correction of this map. To assist in corrections to the map we also advise that on one occasion during the floods when access to the M1 was not possible via Stanmore Road, we drove to Beenleigh via the Stanmore-Beenleigh Beaudesert Roads and noticed the water level at the Dunn Bridge area up to, if not past, the roofline of the toilet block in that corner. This should be easily verified by inspecting any water mark residue. As we proceeded towards Beenleigh we noticed a vast sea of water to our right where farmland/paddocks used to be.

Note: We feel that if Enkleman Farm is eventually developed as an Industrial estate, it will require massive amounts of landfill to bring it above the floodline, this will result in future floodwaters as shown in the abovementioned photographs being displaced by an equal volume causing more extensive flooding and damage to adjoining properties along Enkleman Road.

We acknowledge Councillor Gates advising YRA in a letter dated the 3rd of March 2009 that, based on advice from Council officers, it was not correct that Enkleman Farm was zoned in error, however based on the 470th Council meeting notes which we came across while researching on the internet “396 Stanmore Road zoning” it would appear that at the meeting on the 5th of December 2005 it was resolved that “Council officers review the future industry designation at 396 Stanmore Road, Yatala, on the basis of an apparent mapping error….. etc etc. Refer to the full text on the attached page 10 of the Council minutes marked in red dated 15 May 2013.

Based on our interpretation of those minutes, and Councillor Gate’s letter dated the 3rd of March 2009, we believe that Councillor Power and subsequently Councillor Gates had tried to have this corrected on behalf of the Yatala community. We also understand that Councillor Power, who was also at that time Deputy Mayor, played a large and instrumental role in the development of the original GCCC planning scheme. As such we would be most surprised that he would have bothered to have an apparent mapping error corrected if indeed it was not a mapping error, particularly as it is in a flood prone area backing onto the Albert River and is adjacent to several creeks.

Furthermore, in support of our request for the Enkleman Farm land rezoning, please refer to attached map “Darlington Town Plan zone map 9542-311 current to 6/7/2000”. This map clearly shows the Enkleman Farm zoned as Rural and not Future Urban or Future Industry.

“Many elevated residential properties overlook the Enkelman Farm where cows can today be seen grazing from these vantage points. The area of the farm currently designated as “future industry” could well be large enough to accommodate as many as 100 industries with chimneys all at eye level yet residences only 200-300m away.  Even if the area ended up with 2-3 chimneys it would result in a greatly degraded air and visual quality for the surrounding residences. In flood times everything will be under water.”     A local resident.


the community demands council acknowledges their mapping error and amend the town plan accordingly

How is the Yatala community supposed to trust a Council planning committee to make the appropriate recommendations when it relies on documents that display spurious and incorrect data?

“We note that this map is dated Feb 2013 and appears to include climate change impacts to the year 2100. One would have to question its accuracy in making predictions that far into the future when it fails to even correctly represent flooding which occurred only the previous month.”

YRA submission to Planning Scheme Review Committee.